Widow Of Good Samaritan Who Suffered Deadly Blow On DART Train, Seeking Answers And Justice

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Two months since a good Samaritan suffered a fatal blow to the head on DART train, the victim’s widow says she’s still not getting answers.

Robbin Rodriguez says Dallas Area Rapid Transit should have videos or the crime and possible witnesses to help solve it.

On the Monday before Thanksgiving, Damion Rodriguez was heading to a grocery store in a DART light rail car between Hatcher and Lawnview.

“He said this guy was just beating his girlfriend up and nobody was doing anything,” she said.

Rodriguez says her husband told the stranger to stop assaulting the woman and he did.

But shortly after, “He got up and turned around the guy just punched him out of the blue right here,” she said.

Bloody and unable to see, the 51-year-old asked a DART bus driver to call 911 but they refused.

Damion spent three days in a hospital with a brain injury.

It got worse two weeks later and he died.

“He was gone by Wednesday,” she said.

Damion and Robbin Rodriguez (credit: Robbin Rodriguez)

His widow says she has yet to hear anything from DART or its police department in the two months since.

“We haven’t heard a word,” said Rodriguez. “DART hasn’t reached out. DART Police hasn’t reached out. If this is the way they handle things, I feel sorry if this happens to anybody else.”

DART trains have security cameras and there were witnesses according to the victim.

Rodriguez wonders why a video or at least a description isn’t being released.

“I feel like all the cards were stacked against him because I guarantee you if it was some white guy that had a bunch of money in a good part of town, somebody would be knowing something right now,” she said.

In a statement to CBS 11 News, DART said, “It’s still an active DART Police Department investigation and no further information is being released at this time.”

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