Treasure Hunt: Dallas Record Store Owners Sift Through Million-Piece Collection In Search Of Valuable Items

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DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – More than one million records, movie and music posters.

They are part of a massive collection that has the two Dallas men who now own it on a treasure hunt.

Inside a Northwest Dallas warehouse, the search is on for rare and expensive records.

“We get surprised every day as we go through it,” says Josey Records Co-Owner Luke Sardello, “I’ve been told there could be some old blues 78s in the collection that we have yet to find.”

Movie posters and anything else that may have high value are part of an estimated one million pieces of merchandise.

Bill Wisener’s record, movie and poster collection (J.D. Miles – CBS 11)

“It is a treasure hunt. You don’t know what you’re looking through in any particular box there’s always a surprise,” says Sardello.

“About 750,000 records and a couple of hundred thousand posters.”

It’s what Bill Wisener left behind when he died in January 2020.

The Dallas record store owner had a vault of collectibles purchased by two men who once worked for him, the owners of Josey Records.

“It was always a well-known fact that he had multiple storage units just filled with records,” he says, “He kept it very under wraps.”

Bill Wisener’s record, movie and poster collection (J.D. Miles – CBS 11)

Now it’s being slowly unwrapped and some of the posters have already sold for hundreds of dollars with vinyl records fetching even more.

“Early on we did find a jazz record from Houston called, The Lightmen, very collectible,” says Sardello. “We sold it pretty soon after we got the collection itself for about $1,000. It’s a pretty rare Houston jazz record.”

The owners estimate it will take up to two years to unpack and catalog all the posters and records that have been hidden in storage for up to 40 years.

There’s also plenty of bumper stickers, buttons and books that have mostly sentimental value.

It makes the work of employees tasked with going through it all the more challenging.

“It can be overwhelming if I focus on the pallets I still have to get through,” says J.B. Garrett, a store employee.

Bill Wisener’s record, movie and poster collection (J.D. Miles – CBS 11)

The owners won’t say how much they paid for Wisener’s collection which will have its own display inside their record store, already billed as the largest in the U.S.

“We want to carry on Bill’s legacy that he worked on for 40 years, get it out into the public’s hands where they can look at it, see the history behind it,” says Josey Records Co-Owner Waric Cameron.

A history that’s only beginning to be discovered.

“It’s amazing we’ve only gone to the tip of the iceberg so far,” says Cameron.


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