North Texans Wake To Find No Clear Presidential Winner But Calm Remains In Downtown Dallas

NORTH TEXAS (CBSDFW.COM) – After staying up late to watch election results, North Texans woke up on the morning of November 4 with still no clear winner for the presidency.

Commuters at the West End DART station in downtown Dallas said they are anxiously awaiting the results of the presidential election to be announced.

“I thought when I woke up I would know who my president was,” Tommy, a Dallas resident, said.

Despite the uncertainty of the election on everyone’s mind, it seemed like a typical Wednesday commute in downtown Dallas.

“The atmosphere is almost the same as it was the week leading up to the election because everyone was prepared for a stalemate,” Bennie explained as he got off the train on his way to work. “Your not even hearing a lot of political talk even on the trains at this point, where as any other morning it would be a pretty debatable topic.”

Though things were calm Wednesday morning, some businesses in parts of downtown had prepared for the worst in the wake of the election.

Many choosing to board up with plywood in order to prevent looting in the case violent protests broke out.

Business owners say after what happened during the protests over the death of George Floyd earlier this year, they didn’t want to take any chances. But no rioting or looting has been reported in Dallas so far, and residents are hopeful it stays that way for both their city and the country as a whole.

“My hope for America is that whoever is in power will be more for the people,” Tommy said. “Listen to what the people say, be more aware socially, racially, with the police, helping to get us jobs and protecting us from the coronavirus.”


CBS Dallas / Fort Worth