Gov. Greg Abbott Says At Least 10% More COVID-19 Vaccine Doses On Way To Texas

AUSTIN, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) – Governor Greg Abbott told CBS 11 Tuesday, Feb. 2, the federal government is boosting the number of COVID-19 vaccine doses Texas and other states will receive.

He said while the state had previously had a day’s notice about the next week’s allotment, the Biden administration said Tuesday it will now give the states three weeks advanced warning about the number of doses.

“One is an across the board ten percent increase. Another is an increase in the number of vaccines that can be coming from the Pfizer vial,” said Gov. Abbot.

The Biden administration will also distribute a million vaccines to drug stores nationwide next week, and Texas will get its share.

The Governor said he’s expecting two other vaccines very soon.

“Then we are to anticipate that increase to continue with the Johnson and Johnson vaccine likely being approved in the next 10 days or so, and maybe AstraZeneca by the end of this month,” said Gov. Abbott.

During the pandemic, the Governor has set most of the rules for business openings.

Both Democratic and Republican lawmakers have said they want a bill to require the Governor to call lawmakers back to Austin in a future emergency, such as a pandemic.

“There’s an absolute need for speed, whenever you’re dealing with any type of emergency, whether it be a pandemic or a hurricane type situation,”said Gov. Abbott.

He said there’s not enough time for a bill to work its way through legislative committees and pass in the House and Senate before he can sign it.

“That’s something that actually takes a month in time to decide, during the course of which there’s a moment’s notice is required to make dozens if not hundreds of decisions,” he said.

Governor Abbott says he’s working with lawmakers to make sure that in future emergencies such as another pandemic, that they will be able to keep businesses open.


CBS Dallas / Fort Worth