Gardening 101: When, Where And How To Plant Your Tree

(CBSDFW.COM) – Planting a tree is quite a commitment. Many trees live well past 100 years and some easily get to 200 years old, growing the entire time. If you make a mistake on placement it is a mistake that will long outlive you. On the flip side, you plant the right tree in the right place and you have a legacy.

This week’s Gardening 101 only begins to scratch the surface on all the factors to weigh when you are selecting a tree for a specific place. A great place to start is this great website run by Texas A&M that helps on tree selection.

You should consider hiring some expertise and having an arborist come to your site and tender some advice. While they are on your property they can also inspect your standing trees and help spot any developing problems. There is much to consider when selecting a tree; you have to imagine the space the canopy ends up filling and how it throws its shade and spreads its roots.

Trees are evolutionary marvels. They can group together and change a habitat. They take out CO2 from the atmosphere and return oxygen. They house an entire subset of animals, birds and insects. They outlive us and provide some of the best building material you can get (wood is malleable, attractive, durable and strong).

There is a powerful movement in motion to help mediate the problem CO2 creates in global climate change.

I mention all of the above to encourage to plant one if you have space. But be wise. Do your homework. It is a decision that likely outlives you.

CBS Dallas / Fort Worth