Difference Between Democrats, Republicans Unemployment Benefit Plans Is $1,600 Per Month

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Millions of Americans will see much smaller unemployment checks this week as lawmakers continue to grapple with what to do now that the extra $600 federal benefit has expired.

Republicans contend unemployment benefits have been too high and kept people from returning to work, while Democrats say the extra money is needed when work for many is still hard to find.

After two weeks of negotiations, the two sides have not budged on their stances on restarting the jobless aid, but have shown some signs of compromising on other issues in a larger coronavirus relief bill.

Here’s a breakdown of what each party’s proposal for jobless aid would mean for an unemployed Texan who lost a job making $30,000:

Under the HEROES Act, passed by House Democrats, that unemployed worker would receive $875 a week through January 2021 ($275 from Texas, $600 from federal).

Under the HEALS Act, passed by Senate Republicans, that same unemployed worker would receive $475 a week until October and then benefits would be adjusted to 70% of their prior salary.

Republicans point out their plan still provides unemployed Americans with $200 more a week in benefits than the rate prior to the pandemic.

Republicans attempted to pass a one-week extension of the $600 benefit but it failed to get enough votes in the Senate.

CBS Dallas / Fort Worth