Dallas-Area Kid Candlemaker Burns Bright Trying To ‘Calm The World’ In Uncertain Times

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Inspired by social unrest, it’s 12-year-old, Uzziah Campbell’s dream is to “calm the world.”

His company, Calm and Cure Candle Co. started in Washington state, but has recently moved down to Dallas after orders had gone through the roof.

“I knew I would sell a few candles here and there, but I did not think that over 1,000 candles could be sold in less than 24 hours,” Campbell said.

Uzziah Campbell (credit: Nakia Campbell )

It started back in March, as a way for Campbell to help calm his mother.

“Well, my mom had PTSD and anxiety and depression from work. And so she used candles every day. But when she got a new medicine, she couldn’t use essential oils on her body, so then I started making candles with them,” Campbell said.

“He found a way to give me the aromatherapy, and the fragrances that I was longing for,” Nakia Campbell, Uziah’s mom said.

They bought a candle making kit online and he began to play around with the scents.

But it wasn’t until attending a George Floyd rally over the summer, that Campbell saw a larger need.

“I took Uzziah out to a protest for the murder of George Floyd, and after that protest, he just went full out for Calm and Cure Candle Co. He was like ‘I have to calm the world,’” Nakia said.

Campbell says he was inspired by the times of injustice, trauma and illness.

“People were freaking out about quarantine in the protest so I want to call people down,” he said.

They made the move to Texas in December and spend most of their days making candles with the whole family.

On the Calm and Cure Candle Co. website, the candles are currently sold out, but Campbell says more are on the way and that he has big plans for 2021.

“I just want to make sure everyone’s okay. Everyone’s happy during a very unhappy time,” Campbell said.


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