‘Chucks And Pearls’: Dallas School Urging Girls To Fashion Big Dreams

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – “Chucks and pearls” is more than a hashtag and bigger than a fashion statement at Dallas ISD’s Dade Middle School.

The campaign trail combination made famous by Vice President Kamala Harris is now a nationwide effort to show solidarity and strength.

“It’s like the first woman to be Vice President and that’s like empowering for women!” says Tiambra Hunt, a 6th grade student at Dade Middle School in South Dallas.

“It is absolutely more than a fashion statement!” adds Dade MS Principal Rockell Stewart, decked out in multiple strands of pearls and red Chuck Taylor Converse sneakers. “I think it allows them to dream beyond their wildest dreams. I think about a young lady that came into my office today. She said, ‘I feel like the world was lifted off my shoulders. I feel free’.”

Vonda Pipkin, the campus’ culture coordinator, says she collected donations to outfit every girl on campus with pearls.

“I just started asking, and my cash app started going off,” says Pipkin, who adds the excitement was contagious. “We have pearls for every girl present on our campus here today.”

Some students, like 7th grader Shanna Austin, came with their own.

“The little ones, my granny gave me today,” says Austin, proudly showing off one of her strings of pearls. “She gave me hers this morning. She was passing them down from her Mom to me… and she put on pearls this morning, too!”

“Pearls are going to be different now,” adds Camila Saavedra, an 8th grade student. “Pearls aren’t going to be ‘oh, I’m going to look pretty’,” she adds with an eye roll. “Pearls are going to be like, I did something! I want to be like Kamala Harris. I am going to be Kamala Harris. I am going to achieve in the world!”


CBS Dallas / Fort Worth