3 Workers Seriously Injured After Vehicle Plows Into Dallas Bakery

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Three workers at a Dallas bakery suffered serious injuries after a freak accident that was caught on video.

Customers flocked to the Haute Sweets Patisserie as it sold its remaining stock of pastries, pies, cookies and cakes.

The kitchen was decimated by a vehicle that plowed through the entrance Tuesday afternoon November 17.

“I just heard like an explosion. It happened in just half a second,” general manager Jason Reed said. “The security footage is just harrowing to watch.”

The driver of the SUV lost control while parking and kept going forward through the glass entrance of the Lake Highlands bakery.

Reed said it’s fortunate that freezers protected three employees who ended up sustaining cuts, fractures and even burns from the hot liquids they were working near.

“Everybody is very injured. They are all basically convalescing at home, anywhere from two or three weeks to a month,” Reed said.

“The kitchen is a very dangerous place. Already tons of really heavy equipment, a log of dangerous sharp objects. It’s a place where everyone is always aware,” he added.

Those injured include the executive chef and two cooks. What caused the driver to lose control is still under investigation.

The bakery’s kitchen has been shut down and the retail side will soon run out of stock, leaving the business in serious trouble.

“Now it’s just licking our wounds, assessing the damage, still fulfilling whatever orders we can fulfill,” Reed said. “It’s gonna hurt, it’s going to hurt but it’s fine. We’re gonna make it.”

An online fundraising account has already collected $16,000 for the bakery.

The operators are working with other restaurants and bakeries that have offered their kitchens to keep this business going through what would normally be its busiest time of the year.

CBS Dallas / Fort Worth